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Ten paradoxes of the Israeli - Palestinian Arab conflict

I have long been struck by the many paradoxes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I tried to make a list of them and have provided explanations below.  If you can suggest any others I would like to hear.
The minority are a majority and the majority are a minority.Israel is more Arab than some Arab states.The Arabs will not be able to defeat the Israelis until they stop trying.Anti-imperialist Arabs are usually Arab imperialists.Palestinian cities are often built on the ruins of Jewish cities, while many Jewish cities are built on the ruins of Palestinian cities. The more Israelis and Palestinians won't compromise the more they will lose.The conflict used to be between Socialist Jews and Social Arabs, now it's between Religious Jews and Religious Arabs.The "City of Peace" is the greatest cause of conflict.As many Arabs have migrated to Europe as Jews have migrated to the Middle East.European anti-racists are frequently both racist and anti-Semitic.

The minority are a majorit…

Graven images of God and the prophets

After the initial outrage at the killing of the cartoonists in France, I started re-assessing my attitude to Charlie Hebdo and found myself thinking that it is a very offensive publication.  Obviously I don't condone the use of murder to silence the magazine, but it is true that here in Israel many of its cartoons would be deemed racist and banned from publication.

There are plenty of depictions of Mohammed around if you choose to actually look for them. Take this compilation of Renaissance depictions of Mohammed:  Apparently Moslems also depicted Mohammed:
The murder of the cartoonists raises another issue: the status of Mohammed in Islam. Basically, Christians think that Jesus is part God, while Moslems assign a semi-divine status to Mohammed in which he remains human but apparently is so sacred that we mustn't even imagine what he looked like. …