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My dove's interpretation by Meir Ariel, translated into English

My dove’s interpretation / מדרש יונתי Words and Music: Meir Ariel / מאיר אריאל My translation: To hear the music go to
Source for the Hebrew text:

Ask the heart of Jerusalem Ask how she feels - Stones in the heart of Jerusalem The market square reels.
Wrapped in lies and injustice Laboring on the wall But through a veil perceptible Our city lies exposed to all.
Not pursuing justice Does not want peace for there is no peace without justice - Just why did we come here? - did we dream a dream? - Is that day over?
My dove returns to the fissures The hawk vibrates above - And hidden steps ingest her Opening winding mouths
It is the lands of the sea behind us We are their passion. It is the lands around us We are their song
It is the same convoy   Facing the sea. Followed by the King Smeared in blood, Wilderness, animals also – They are all upon us.
How Jerusalem…