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Other People's Language

Two friends of mine had their pictures on the front pages of Israel's newspapers this week! The first was Avi Levy who had a huge photo on the front of Ha'Aretz , he also had a nice sized picture on the inner pages. Haaretz is the Israeli version of the New Yok Times, so being on the front page is serious stuff; all the movers and shakers in Israel read it, except of course that Israel is basically a small place. Avi and I both did fast track training to be English teachers and then found we didn't like it.  Avi decided to make a fuss and contacted the press, he invited me to join him but it was literally the day I decided to quit teaching and I didn't feel ready to discuss what had happened - so I missed out on the front page of Ha'Aretz. I also didn't want my name associated with a failure - which is kind of dumb since here I am putting it in a blog. But so it goes. I would rather not have the world discussing why I quit something and I don't feel like att…