Thursday, January 3, 2013

My dove's interpretation by Meir Ariel, translated into English

My dove’s interpretation / מדרש יונתי
Words and Music: Meir Ariel / מאיר אריאל

Ask the heart of Jerusalem
Ask how she feels -
Stones in the heart of Jerusalem
The market square reels.

Wrapped in lies and injustice
Laboring on the wall
But through a veil perceptible
Our city lies exposed to all.

Not pursuing justice
Does not want peace
for there is no peace without justice
- Just why did we come here?
- did we dream a dream?
- Is that day over?

My dove returns to the fissures
The hawk vibrates above -
And hidden steps ingest her
Opening winding mouths

It is the lands of the sea behind us
We are their passion.
It is the lands around us
We are their song

It is the same convoy  
Facing the sea.
Followed by the King
Smeared in blood,
Wilderness, animals also –
They are all upon us.

How Jerusalem flirts
And dances to the masses-
Participates and undulates
Her hips hugged by the herds.

Question her ministers debates
Lacking height or might
In courtyards, just a match misplaced
And every courtyard walled high.

We have been in the oven,
Now in the frying pan.
Pumped with drunken honor,
- Crackling slightly,
- Almost burnt
- Sealing slowly.

Why so vigorously does chopping board
Scratch against knife?
Enough let the knife slumber -
Yes, drop the knife.

"Shmita" do you understand
That you run to take more land?
In suspected fraud, possible theft, murkily
Protected by the governor? Is this redemption? Dignity?
Like a thief of the Judean fellows?
And to whom will you sell when the land lies fallow?
Or will you convert that year?
And before whom will you proclaim innocence seventh by seventh?
While the ground under you is enslaved?
Who likes this? Earth you take -
Redemption you do not give. Or maybe your fingertips
Very tight very very very very -
Trained to let go? Skilled at release?
Practiced at the drop?

Oh Mother Mother Earth
Oh Mother Earth.
Mother Earth is my mother,
Earth my earth
- Until I die!
For what Adam?

Do not stir and do not awaken
Unsought animosity
Once out they won't be shaken
Not by rabbi minister or luminary

Someone will charge upon us
As if waking from a delusion:
Erase us and our plunder
Sink us into their chasm

If only we saw your sights,
Heard your voice.
Truth and justice at your gates,
The beauty of you looks!
The fineness of your voice!
Favor of your lovers' eyes!

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