Sunday, July 8, 2012

Palestein: The five state (federal) solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict

I read this week of a meeting near Hebron, between Israeli right-wingers and Palestinian traditionalists exploring the possibility of a single state for all.  what struck me was that they seemed to be leaving Gaza out of the equation, so it was a two state solution with Gaza as a separate state. So I thought: why not have multiple states?  They could be united in a federation.
We could have Gaza for Islamic separatists, Central Israel for left-wingers who want a predominately-Jewish state, Galillee (I can never spell that but you know what I mean) which would be a mixed Jewish-Arab state, the West-Bank would be a left-wing predominately-Palestinian state and finally around Jerusalem: this is the part I'm least sure of - perhaps a Halachic state.  I'm not sure about the Negev, perhaps it would be split between several states.
Each federal-state would be fiscally independent but required to make some kind of contribution to a central management body (eg the national-state), which would also manage the water resources and some other stuff.
There would be strict controls on militarization obviously.
The main problem I can envisage right now is what to call my five-state country: Palestine or Israel?
I considered combinations but then I had a brain wave, but considering that its my idea I think we should call it Palestein,


  1. They get Gaza and a state round Jerusalem?

  2. Sounds like a confederation. The PA will just keeo fighting for full control.


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